Thursday, March 10, 2011

Wasting Time..

I'm sitting at a local coffeehouse enjoying my favorite hot drink in the world: Vanilla Chai Latte w/Skim. It HAS to be a specific brand of Chai, too. And they have it.

I came here to finish up a logo mock-up for a design I was hired for.. and I finished it in record time. I make 3 (usually) for the client to view and since I made 2 last night I had only one left to do. This project was really fun, too. Once the logo is chosen and handed over to the client I'll show it off here. :) I also was able to *finally* get my inventory done for a store that I've placed my products in: Peddlers Post. I'm actually going back tomorrow to add some more stuff.

My fabulous husband met me here after his orthopedic appointment, but had to go home and lay down. Poor guy has a major issue with his need (hence the appointment) and could barely walk. So I'm here alone browsing the web and finishing my drink (which is now cold). I clicked on my Blog to read updates on those that I follow and noticed it's been a while since I updated, so here I am.. updating.

I try not to get too personal here, because frankly you never know who is reading this. But I do want to say that God is a God of restoration. Just thought I'd share that. Also? Forgiveness is something that changes lives, hearts and souls. Another thing I wanted to share. ;)