Monday, February 21, 2011


In my ever growing quest of trying to live more organically I've been introduced to a company called Chartreuse. It's a company that strives to be chemical-free & organic and is succeeding! For this cheap mama the cost is just as great as the products!

I was invited to an informational get-together where I learned some sad truths about the chemicals in our cleaning products (both for our homes and our bodies). It's shocking what the US allows in our homes.

I've cleaned my counters and glass-top stove 3 times today and my hands still feel like hands. Normally when I clean them (with your average Clorox cleaner) they are cracky, dry and feel almost sticky. Not with this awesome stuff:

It is *so* worth the tiny extra you spend on it. And if you have a 'party' (like any other direct sales company) you get a TON of stuff for free! I'm planning on having one soon. I need more stuff! :)

At this meeting I heard about something called 'Soap Nuts'. Yea.. I had never heard of them before. I read the description and thought it was something I should try out:

Soap Nuts are completely natural, extremely effective, and remarkably affordable. These little “nuts” are actually berries which grow on trees and compost naturally back to the earth. Soap Nuts will clean and deodorize the toughest laundry. And they’re cheaper then traditional laundry detergent. What more could you ask for?

So I bought them. I used them for the first time today.. I won't lie, it was weird putting some 'nuts' in a linen bag and throwing them in the washer with the clothes. After they were done washing I pulled some clothes out to sniff them. I wanted to see if these nuts worked. I didn't smell anything funky, so I threw the clothes in the dryer. Guess what?

Not only are my clothes CLEAN, they smell like NOTHING. Which is perfect for me. And with NO chemicals!! Yay!!! I am so excited to not have to pay for gross chemical-ly detergent.

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  1. I love my cleaner! Oh and the face wash... it's grand!