Tuesday, February 8, 2011


I'm not one to get starstruck. In fact the celebrity status and the hullabaloo that goes with it causes me rage (I know.. that's not great). Pay the police officers, fire folks, etc the big bucks and let the 'celebrities' fall a couple of notches on the rung of "success". You'll understand why I'm saying all of this in a moment.

Ok off of my soapbox. For now.

A few weeks ago my husband was able to get 2 fabulous (FABULOUS) seats to the Charlotte Bobcats vs. Boston Celtics game. An old co-worker gave him his season tickets for the night because he ended up getting better seats in a box. Since we are from RI we were so ecstatic to see the Celtics. Hubby is a HUUUUGE Celtics (and Shaq) fan. Me? Not so much. I'm a Lakers girl. I know.. I know. It's wrong. But I fell in love with them in 2000 when I was bed-bound during my pregnancy with my first-born.

Then the other night he tells me we needed to talk. That's never good. This time it was. :)

He was having trouble sleeping and ended up praying for a few hours last week during the wee hours of the night. After that 'conversation' with God he came to a couple of realizations. One of them was to attend a meeting the men were having at our church. God made it very clear that hubby HAD to be at that meeting. Well.. you guessed it. The meeting was on the same night as the Celtics game. He then told me that he was going to skip the game and go to the meeting. I'll tell you something.. if I've ever doubted my husbands relationship with the Lord I stopped right there. For him to pass up not only seeing the Celtics 5 rows from the court, but to pass up seeing his FAVORITE basketball player of all time (Shaq) was amazing. Some people are called to sacrifice their lives for God. He was told to just give up a game. And he did.

Hearing him share about what happened last night was mind-blowing. God has some big plans for the husband of mine. All to glorify Him. And it's great. :)

So.. did I go to the game alone? No way! I posted on Facebook since I didn't want to play favorites with my friends and the lucky winner was a good friend of mine, Marsha. She was hilarious because at first she didn't know who to root for. She lives in Charlotte, yet her kids are BIG Celtics fans. She chose Charlotte.. and she chose right. I still cannot believe the Celtics lost. I mean.. come on. It's the CELTICS. And the BOBCATS?? Good for Charlotte, I say.

Some of you may or may not know that Michael Jordan is a majority owner of the Charlotte Bobcats. So I was curious to see if he'd be there. Well.. not only was he there, but he was within camera distance. Of course I was kicking myself for not buying a telephoto lens for this one specific moment, considering I'd never use it again. ;) This was the best photo I could get of Mr. Jordan. He had his hand on his face 99% of the times I looked at him. But yes.. I was a little starstruck. I'm not sure why. I'm not a basketball obsessed fan. Just a normal chick who likes to watch basketball live and was a basketball cheerleader in high school. I had a fabulous time and the game ended up being super close.. so that made it exciting as well. I do wish I could go to next weeks game.. Lakers vs. Bobcats. ;)

Oh and to show how close I was to the court.. here are a couple of shots I got:

Uptown (or Downtown.. whatever they are calling it) Charlotte was BANANAS after the game. DANG. And the rain made it extra fun to walk back to the car. Thankfully hubby insisted I parked right across the street from the arena, so we didn't have to walk too far.

All in all it was a great night for both hubby and I. For totally different reasons. :)


  1. That is awesome on both sides for your husband and for you. I have not been to a live basketball game in so long. And to see Michael Jordan is pretty cool too.