Thursday, January 27, 2011

Another dream?

I'm quite thankful that my hubby's bronchitis is on it's way out.. because my couch gives me WEIRD dreams! I had another one last night and woke up at the literal same minute as I did yesterday morning.. 6:28am. Bizarre. This was a dream that I won't share, but it was weird all the same. :)

Right now my tongue is burnt from eating some Tastefully Simple Creamy Wild Rice Soup. Let me tell you what.. I'm seriously considering eating the entire pot. WOW. Kicking myself for only getting one package. I'd like to make the beer bread too.. but I'm saving that for a VERY special and secret event tomorrow night. I'll brag about it tomorrow night or Saturday when I can upload the photos. I'm SUPER excited about it.

I wrote something on my FB last night as a status.. but I want to put it here so I can see it on the regular: "Parting is such sweet sorrow.. well, this time it's just sweet." On the way to making some changes in my life.. good changes. Healthy changes. Fun changes. :)


  1. I really haven't found any Tastefully Simple stuff that I like. The beer bread is pretty good. I had an almond cake that was tasty. I haven't tried that soup though and if it's creamy I'm there.
    and your menu for tonight - UM, YUM!!
    Come cook for me!

  2. You'd LOVE this soup, Julianna. It is delish. :D