Thursday, January 13, 2011

An impromtu 'vacation'

I've lived on Hot Chocolate all week long. And for some reason, I must add the mini marshmallows every time. It just tastes better. Or it's all in my head. Either way, it's yummy and makes my tummy happy.

My kids have lived on it all week as well. Because of the lovely snow/ice/back roads not plowed because the state of NC doesn't really spend money on plows/sand/salt because it's not a regular occurrence, tomorrow will make the 5th school day that the schools are closed. Ordinarily no school would mean fun times, sleepovers with friends and plenty of outside time. Well.. the fun times end when you've played the Wii for the hundredth time, watched 4 movies in one day and can't get to your friends house because no one can drive.

Oy vey. Today the roads were clear enough to go to Plaster Creations and let the kids each paint a plaster thing. The boy chose a race car that I had to literally tell him to STOP painting, because it was about to be a big brown mess. Both of the girls chose to do the same 3 dolphin scene that can be hung on their wall. Keaghan (6), Kaleb (5) and Kyra (10). Kyra's done it before and pretty much knew what to do. Kaleb had to be told about 10 times that just because he is painting the WHOLE car blue (as a base color) it does not mean that he can't use other colors after you dry the blue. That was a fun conversation over and over and over and... Keaghan had to be her different self and paint eyelashes on her dolphins, haha. That girl just cracks me up.

I've decided to use tomorrow as a selfish day. I'm going to sew until my heart is content. I'm doing a vendor fair next month and would love to offer a few more things than I normally do. Even if I only get a couple of each new things. At least people will be able to see the other things I can do. I will say.. I miss designing (and selling) graphic-y things. I use to make invitations, cards, etc. And LOVED it. I still design stuff for myself and friends and *sometimes* take on business logo's as freelance work. I try not to overload my plate with that, though. I wish I could combine both of my loves.. sewing and graphics. I do offer embroidery (and can embroider ANYTHING I design).. but that is almost too many choices.

Oh. My mind. It's just too busy for it's own good.

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  1. Enjoy your day tomorrow! I need a new fob... I'll have to check out your soon.