Monday, January 31, 2011

Thankful and Blessed

The secret party for my husband was a HUGE success!! About 2 months ago I had set up an In-Home Wine Tasting event for my hubby's 32nd birthday. It's been a super secret up until the day before! The only reason I had to tell him was because our oldest has been sick and home from school, so I couldn't do any shopping for the hors d'ourves for the night. The only way to get the food and prepare it was to just tell him. He was beside himself. :) He was so touched that our friends were going to be here for him and celebrate his birthday. It was perfect.

The bottles of wine we tasted. We had 2 white wines (I'm not a fan of white, but the second white we tried was pretty delicious and went really well with the shrimp scampi I had made). Then we had 3 reds (hubby and I both love red wine). We finished the night off with a fabulous Moscato dessert wine. That was served with Angel Food cake with a home-made (secret) strawberry sauce. ;) What was great about the tasting was that.. it was a TASTING. Since we are firm believers in not 'getting drunk on wine' we were able to taste each wine without drinking a full glass. Each wine was about 2-3 sips.. perfect to taste and NOT over indulge.

I was busy preparing the hors d'ourves for about 5 hours straight.. I must say, they were delicious!

The table before the food.. yes, you can see pieces of paper on the plates. That was to remind me where to put each food, since I had a specific idea in mind.

All in all it was such a fabulous night. We had 5 couples all together and we all had a BLAST. It was the first wine tasting for almost everyone, so it was interesting to try different wine with different foods. It was pretty neat to taste the changes in the taste of the wine with each food.

In other news.. I'm SO blessed. I have a great Aunt (both GREAT! and second generation 'great') that is the number one reason why I am able to have my business. About 8 years ago she gave me a sewing machine that sat in a corner with dust on it for about 5 years. I was just too scared to attempt anything. I had no experience with sewing and this was before the internet was the automatic 'go-to' to learn anything.

When I started to make my Key-Fobs, I found that sewing wasn't as difficult as I had always feared it would be. My next project was curtains for my living room. That was a NIGHTMARE. And I ended up not even using the curtains or the color in that room. I think I used them in my sons room for a while before I painted it. Needless to say, they are in a drawer somewhere gathering dust.

In November of 2009, my awesome Aunt sent from NY (where she lives) an Embroidery sewing machine. I was *SO* grateful and excited. Within one month, I was able to offer monogrammed key-fobs. That blew my business up (in a good way)!! Aunt Kat always asks about my business and is constantly telling me how proud she is and what a great job I'm doing. She is wonderful.

Saturday I get a letter from her and it is telling me that she needs to start calling me 'Wonder Woman' because I keep going and going and my business keeps growing with the new things that I'm offering. Enclosed was a check for a significant amount of money.. something to 'help grow my business even more'. It feels so amazing to have someone so behind me. I'm a blessed lady, I tell ya.

I'm going to sew her something special with her name embroidered on it and *try* to show my thankfulness to her. Without her, my business would literally not exist. :)


  1. That is awesome! The secret party for your husband and the support your family gives you.

  2. I can't wait to try a wine tasting party too! It sounds like so much fun.

    And hooray for your GREAT AUNT! You've turned those machines into a great asset.