Saturday, January 15, 2011

Busy Bee.

I said I would make yesterday a sewing day.. and boy did I! I added a couple of new things to my inventory and now offer Makeup Roll Bags, Small Folded Wallets, Checkbook Covers and Checkbook Cover/Wallets. And the best part (for me)? I didn't follow a tutorial! That's huge for me. The biggest help of all was all that beautiful fabric I had gotten last week. The scraps are the perfect size to work on cute little things. And hey! It was free!

I sat down the other night and sketched a list with drawings of my new ideas. I had 13 new ideas and got 4 done.. I think that's pretty good. I need to pick up some clear vinyl to follow through with a few other ideas. And need my pretty little zippers to come in (ordered a couple of days ago..) so I can work on other things. I ordered them from ZipIt on Etsy. I should have them on Tuesday.

The hardest part about adding new inventory is getting it all on my website. So instead I've been slowly adding it to my Face Book Fan Page. Go ahead and add it to your favorites! I offer all of my specials through that page first. At some point I know I'll have to get it on the website.. otherwise people that happen upon me through Google (or wherever) won't know that I offer other things. I'd put them on Etsy, but the competition there is just intense that if you aren't a very very established member you are probably not going to get many sales.

Next week I'll be checking out a place called Peddler's Post in the NoDa district of Charlotte. They have different sizes of 'shop space' to offer and another mom based business friend of mine (The Lucky Butterfly) are thinking of sharing a small space to start out. You know, see how business goes and if we have a good amount of sales maybe we'll think about going to the next level. Then again, I've never been there.. that's why I'm checking it out. Hopefully it's a great place for local people to get their name and products out there.


  1. Wow it sounds like you were very productive. I need to sew some, I have not sewed in forever. I think that is a great idea of you and another mom sharing a shop space. Hope it works out and the shop is good.

  2. How did it go at the NoDa shop?

  3. @Julianna.. yea, I'm a big ole loser. :x I'm going tomorrow after I get Kaleb from school. I WILL GO. I WILL GO.