Thursday, January 6, 2011


I wanted this post to be a photo-filled post of my latest sewing project. But alas.. it's not finished and I'm stuck on one part. I may need to beg my fellow crafty mom friends to help me. :D

This post is a fail. For what I had wanted it to be, anyway.

I quite excited for tonight, I have Bunco! What is Bunco you ask? Well. I've tried to explain it to a couple dozen people and I never get it right. I make it sound so much more confusing than it really is. For me to learn, I just had to be there and learn as I went. You take a bunch of women, a few tables, some chairs, pens, 3 dice per 4 women, and scoresheets. You end up with a LOT of laughing and even win some money! We give $5 per person, so at the end there is money to give out as prizes.

Even reading that I'm confused. And I know how to play it!

My favorite Bunco nights are the ones where there is a theme.. we've had Breast Cancer Awareness night (PINK galore-see photo!). Halloween costume night, ornament exchange and tonight is a white elephant sort of thing. I still need to find my 'gift'.. hmm. I've been thinking about what I want my theme to be when it's my turn to host. I've been playing around with ideas like "A Goodwill Gala" where we all find a $5 dress from GW that is GAUDY and UGLY. That would be a hoot.. but I'm not sure if all of the girls would want to do that. ;)

So instead of finishing this post off with a story or an antidote, I must rush to my baking chicken so I can add some pasta to it and create a lovely Chicken Parm for the family.


  1. I like the goodwill gala theme! That's cute!! I really want to start combing local thrift stores more.

  2. Woo! I have one person on board.. out of 20! lol I adore GW, I barely buy myself anything new anymore. :D