Wednesday, January 26, 2011


For the last two nights I've had to sleep on our couch because my poor husband has a terrible case of Bronchitis. So when I woke up suddenly at 6:30 this morning from a nightmare I had to look around and remember where I was!

I actually had 2 nightmares (one was worse than the other..). The first one was that I dropped my MacBook Pro (GASP) and it split open and the screen was all crazy. I knew there was NO fixing it.. so yes, in my book that is a full-on nightmare! The second one was a little more serious.

I knew I was alone in my house. It was late afternoon and the neighborhood was bustling with kids on bikes, people outside chatting, etc. I heard some commotion outside of my front door, so I headed to the front window to peek. I noticed two 20- something ladies out on the front lawn looking around. My front door had a couple of more windows on it than it does in real life, so I was able to see who was standing at the door. I look out and notice a 20-something year old girl with dyed blond hair, dark brown roots, dark drawn on eyebrows and a Monroe piercing.

She knocked on the door and right at that moment I opened it. She proceeded to SHOVE me and I knew at that split second that I had to get OUT of the house right then or I would have died in the house. I knew they were coming in. In my head I just said "Oh please, Lord. No." I pushed my way out on the front lawn and tried to scream for help and my neighbors just ignored me. :( It was a heartbreaking and sinking feeling. It was like my only way to be saved was that SOMEONE in my neighborhood would hear me.. and they did. But they didn't come.

I honestly woke up stunned and scared. So confused and started to think about things going on in my life in a different way. It's time to cut some ties here, make some changes there. To spend more of my time and energy on everlasting things and not these temporal things that only stress me out.

On to better and brighter things in life.. after all, we only have one of them. :)

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  1. oh creepy :(
    Here's to better things (and dreams!) in the future