Monday, January 3, 2011

Gotta be honest here.

The best way to start any relationship is with honesty, right?

I guess that goes for Blogs too. I will tell you that this is not my 1st blog. Or my 2nd. Or my 5th.

You catch my drift?

Although, this will be the first blog that is not all about my past, present and future drama (future drama?). It'll be my day-to-day stuff that pops in my head. So I'm warning you now.. I'm one of the most random people I know and it will be noticeable here on the blog.

Now.. with that out of the way.

I'm sitting here trying to write a blog and I'm being sucked into this ridiculous show called 'All Worked Up'. Basically it's a show that follows real people on the job that have to tick people off daily. First it's this guy with 90% of his body tattooed and his tow-truck is getting repo'ed. That was interesting. But my favorite so far is the Manhattanite getting served papers while she is out spending all of her ex-husbands money. She's all judgmental about the poor guy and his suit and sneakers, lol. She was just mad that he was telling her to stop shopping.. and then went after him with her really pointy umbrella. Oy vey.

Phew, it's a commercial. I can attempt to write my first blog entry. It has to be interesting, funny and unique.. right?

Let's see.

I'm a 30 year old mommy to three fabulously awesome kids. 2 girls and 1 boy. I'm biased, but they truly are amazing little souls. I'm happily (yes, really!) married to a guy that got me with his sense of humor and kept me with his love for me. We've been through the ringer (but what married couple hasn't!) and we are stronger for it.

I have no hobbies, only things that I turn into 'things I do'. To me a hobby is something someone does to relax and pass time. Well.. when I sew or design graphics I sure do pass time.. but relax? Oh my, no. I do own a business that I started in the summer of 2008 ( and it does take up a bit of my time. And no - I would not call it a hobby!

I've been a Christian (Christ follower, Believer, etc) since I was 14 years old.. but really began a real relationship with my Savior in 2004. It's not a fashion statement nor is it a moral pedestal that I stand upon when I choose to. It's the way I (try) to live my life. I'm heading to a greater place, sure. But while I'm here I want to live the life of a faithful follower of the greatest teacher known to man-kind. Do I fall? Of course! The question is.. do I get back up again with His help? Absolutely!

You know.. while sharing my heart about my faith that darn show came back on and all I can hear is "Dirty Dreadlocks!" "Who are you calling dirty dreadlocks?!"

Classy. So very classy.

So that's me.. in a nutshell.


  1. You already know, but what you said about being a Christian was said so eloquently yet so simply at the same time. And it just hits the nail on the head. Love it!