Monday, January 24, 2011

I got greedy.

I've noticed that when it comes to cleaning my house, I'm a bit of a child. I need some change in the room that I'm cleaning. Move a piece of furniture, change out some pictures, add a shelf, etc. This morning my half bath needed a good cleaning so I went searching for a shelf and found one.. from my office. I stole it and put it up in the bathroom. It looks great. Except now my ribbon had no home!

I went around the house searching for something that could hold ribbon and then.. I found it!

This was a makeup brush holder for me about a year ago (bought from Ikea), but when I moved my brushes to a vase the shelf was randomly placed in my pantry to hold extra flashlights. So I grabbed it and added my ribbon.. yippee! Bad news? I searched for it on and I can't find it.. so I'm thinking they don't sell them any more. :( It was only $4.99 too! I won't give up hope until I go to our local Ikea and check it out for myself. If they have more I'll be buying them up for sure.

Yesterday I did a deep cleaning on my kitchen and instead of stealing something from another room I had to lose a bookshelf. The kids have (HAD!) their books and coloring books and model magic and.. (you get the picture) in this bookshelf and it was a constant eye-soar, because face it - they don't know much about being OCD about that stuff. It was constantly a mess and not something I wanted to look at ever again. (Why I am blogging about this, I have no idea.. but it's what is on my mind at the moment so there ya go)

My exciting highlight of my weekend was starting and finishing the re-design of my biz website.
Check it out..


I wanted to just add my new bags and such, but of course I had to do something different. That's just how I roll. And it came out great and I love it.

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  1. Hilarious that you're constantly changing rooms like that -- but I do love the new ribbon holder!!